Lakita,深圳人,现居北京及深圳,深圳大学传播学院广告学毕业,在学期间已取得学院奖及金犊奖多个奖项。曾任职4A广告公司创意部及身为时尚杂志资深编辑多年,提倡Fashion Art的摄影创作,亦是国内首次提出Fashion Art摄影概念的摄影师。被《MILK》杂志誉为中国最具代表性的前卫年轻女摄影师之一;亦被《360°观念与设计》专业设计杂志誉为中国新锐创意摄影师之一,更是其中唯一一名女摄影师。与《时尚芭莎》、《时尚先生》、《青年视觉VISION》、《罗伯报告》、《周末画报》、《精品购物指南》、《风尚志》、《大周末》、《优雅》、《milk》、《1626》、《0086》等杂志多有合作。曾在北京(2008)、深圳(2009)、圣彼得堡(2010)、广州(2013)、芝加哥(2014)举办个人摄影展,也获邀参加第4届中国连州国际摄影展以及2011获邀在伦敦参展“dig the new breed”时尚摄影展。2013年在巴塞尔迈亚密与女性艺术家faith47合作视觉项目。


Lakita, a fashion photographer and photography artist, is the first artist to advocate the Fashion Art Photograph Concept in China.Her hometown is Shenzhen,and she lives in Beijing and Shenzhen at present, graduated in advertising in the school of communication of Shenzhen university.

During the period of school, she won numerous awards such as Academy Awards and Times Awards. She worked in the creative department of 4A advertisement company as a senior editor of fashion media for many years.

Lakita was praised by the magazine Milk(Hongkong) as one of the most pioneer young female photographers in China; She was also praised by the professional design magazine 360 concept and design as the only female cutting-edge and creative photographers.

Lakita cooperated with a number of renowned magazines including Harper's Bazaar,Esquire, Rob's report,Youth Vision, modern weekly,lifestyle,hotspot,Elegance,Grace, fashion weekly,Milk, 1626 and 0086. She has held 4 individual photograph exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Beijing 798 art zone, Shenzhen OCAT and TaikooHui Guangzhou, and was invited to attend the fourth international photograph exhibition in Lianzhou, China in 2008.In 2011, she was invited to attend "Dig The New breed"fashion exhibition in London.crossovered with Faith47 in Art Basel Miami Beach in 2013.

Lakita, a cosmopolitan, a player for life, loves traveling, indulges in fashion and day dreams.

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